Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yes, I'm feelin' guilty for NOT blogging for over a month! I'm so busy, though. Sigh. I have the regular homeschool co-op and activities work, but August played basketball for 2 different leagues this year so we were running around to do that. I got a new calling AND a stake calling thrown into the mix. Oh, and Chris works late just about everyday with new job responsibilities he has going on. Whine, whine, whine... did I mention we also have school work to do everyday??

Basketball is now over - and August was a rock star, by the way - but, now baseball is getting underway, as well as soccer. India is playing soccer and all three boys are playing baseball. India has also started a violin class in addition to what she's doing at our co-op.

Keeping up with the house work is just about impossible.

I see burnout in my future, but am trying to hang on! If I could just get through until July. At that point sports will be over and Girl's Camp and Cub Scout day camp, but I'll have to focus on getting the co-op up and going by August. We'd like to take a trip west in July....

I'm learning to say "no" to activities and people when we just have too much going on and need to just be home. I need at least one full week day at home to take care of things here. Or else, we'll be living in a pig stye.