Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, Happy Easter! We had a great weekend. It was busy - August had a Friday night sleepover/campout. Saturday morning was a Primary activity. India went to a party Saturday afternoon and August had baseball practice. When all of that was over, we drove out to some property we are thinking about buying. We spent a few hours out there hiking it and trying to get a good feel for the land there, which is over 33 acres. Some of it is wooded and some open land. Some of it is rolling hills and some of it is flat. There is a huge spring-fed pond, and a little brook. It was in the 60s and sunny and gorgeous. We all got some great exercise and enjoyed beautiful creations.

This morning it was off to church. This afternoon, we drove back out to the property to check it out after heavy raining last night and today. We wanted to see what the water situation was like and make sure there was no flooding with the brook and other run off. It was just fine! Then, we came home and dyed eggs and made Easter dinner while listening to some Mo-Tab. After dinner, we did our Resurrection Eggs activity to tell the Easter story. Now, we are relaxing, which our family really needs.

We're so grateful for Christ and his sacrifice for us. We know he knows us individually by name and suffered for us so that we could live with our Father in Heaven again some day. I'm so happy that when we die this isn't the end. When our loved ones die it isn't the end. We will get to see one another again.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


About once a year or so (sometimes twice), I feel the need to overhaul our schedule and priorities in my and my kids' lives. Usually when I feel like we aren't accomplishing much and the house is a wreck and we're running around too much! When we came back to NWA a year ago, I tested the waters with my toe trying to figure out what to get back into. Now, I feel like I've jumped in feet first and sometimes feel like I'm drowning. So.

My dear friend, Keli, has been so kind as to suggest we do science and history together once per week and that has been a blessing because it MAKES us get that organized, whether convenient or not, one day out of the week. This also MAKES me tidy up the house because I know they are coming :) At least the main rooms....

I organized "Culture Club" within our homeschool group, also. We meet once per month and share what we learned about whatever assigned country we decide on each month. The food is always superb. This is super fun, and also MAKES me do some culture study and geography each month.

I say MAKE because when we are so busy, these subjects tend to be overlooked and having to be accountable forces us to make time and not slack. I need that sometimes. Slacker that I am. Also, history and culture and geography are my favorite subjects. Science, not so much, but Keli loves it, so I let her teach that.

Spring break got us all out of whack on our time schedule. Chris is waking up so early to go to work that he isn't waking us before he leaves to read scriptures. This causes us to sleep in and then it is rush, rush, rush all day to get things done. We try to squeeze in scripture time somewhere in there. I think that not starting the day reading together causes our day to be out of sync. I need to just do it with or without Chris when he can't be here. Can't wait for this season to be over for him at work! The added stress isn't great for him, either. I love him for working so hard for our family.

Did I mention we got a puppy on top of everything? A sweet little toy poodle puppy named Scooter. He is India's doggie and was born January 23, so he is tiny. We've had him for about a month, and we're still trying to house train. It is driving us nuts, but he is cute and fat and will be spoiled.

So, we need to get back on track! I need to make up a loose schedule for each day of the week to follow, as well as "to-do" lists for the kids. That really helps them know what to do when I'm not available. I need to manage my time better so I'm not glued to my laptop working or out of the house most of the day! I need to allot time for that and not let it consume me, which it is quickly doing. When that happens, our home sort of starts to fall apart. The kids get off track and the house becomes a wreck and bills don't get paid.... Moms really are the glue keeping families together!

Off to overhaul our days.....