Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm still alive...

Yes, I am still alive. It was a busy summer with all the camps, out-of-town visitors, baseball, and stuff. Yes, stuff.

It has been great taking a break, though. I didn't plan a single homeschool outing all summer. We actually took a summer break, but didn't go on vacation. We usually school through the summer, but it didn't work out this year. We did a little here and there, but nothing formal. I needed a break, as I was fast reaching the burn-out point!

I've been walking 3 mornings per week with a dear friend. It is invigorating! Not only physically, but mentally because we get to have girl talk. We go about 2.6 miles, so I feel like I'm such a serious athlete, now.

So, the month of August is here and I am all gung-ho. We had our "Not Going Back to School" party last week in combo with a neat field trip to Hobbs State Park. We got together with our lovely friends and are on a history schedule. I've made a list of what I need to buy for my different students and my kids have done school work almost everyday for a week. Our co-op will be starting up in the next couple of weeks and I signed up 3 of my kids for an art class taught locally. We're also scoping out shows performed at our local arts theatre so we can make a ticket order soon. I'm trying to figure out what to do for science.

The tab is quickly adding up, though, and getting expensive! I'm trying to think of ways to stay within my budget without slacking off on anything. Tricky...

August had his 12th birthday on the 11th. This was exciting for him - he is now a Young Man! He had an awesome birthday campout at our land and before that he learned to drive our new 4-wheeler. He was ordained a deacon at church, so he is a priesthood holder, now. He went on his first temple trip this past Saturday. I'm excited for him. He is a special guy.

We're planning a little trip to St. Louis and Nauvoo for September. I'm excited about that. We didn't take a trip this summer and need to get away as a family and have fun in a different setting. Also, Chris and I are traveling to HAWAII in October together and need to take the kids on a trip somewhere fun, too!

All for now...