Sunday, February 15, 2009

Like a 2 year old?

Today in sacrament meeting Roman was wiggly during the passing of the sacrament. I picked him up and put him in my lap and told him to be still for just a bit longer. He frowned at me and told me I was treating him like a 2 year old. This was pretty dramatic since he is now 6 years old and all! Hmmm..... Apparantly he was embarrassed to sit in my lap in front of his female peers sitting in front of us, who turned around to look at him in my lap.

Roman has his 6th birthday on February 6. The night before we took him to Chuck E. Cheese and Meme and Grandad met us there. On the day of, we went to a Valentine's Party at a friend's house. Some of the kids sang to him, and he got tons of presents earlier that morning. Things were low-key this year. It has been hard to bounce back from Granny's illness and funeral. I couldn't pull off a big party for him.

Chris celebrated 36 on February 8. What an old man! hehehe He is getting silver in his goatee :) He just looks more handsome to me. I continue to look more like a hag as I age. Scary.

Anyway, we're settling back into normal life, whatever that is. Still trying to organize and clean up the house. It is a disaster from the last month!

We got back to doing school work this week. I tend to sit at the dining room table on my laptop working while the kids gather around me at the table to do their work. "Working" for me this week was doing family history, scanning pictures, making to-do lists, and getting my personal life organized. This happened well this week. On Thursdays we're now meeting with two families who live nearby to do history and science. This will be great and will keep us on track.

India has been growing crystals in various ways this week for her science project for next month. Fun stuff.

August did well yesterday - he had two basketball games back to back and scored high for his team in each game. He was invited to play in a competitive tournament this week, and he is excited!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We're back from Texas. Our family escaped the ice storm last week to go to Granny's funeral.

After I left TX last time, she went to a nursing home for 1 day and got sent back to the ER barely breathing, low blood pressure, low heart rate. They sent her to Houston Methodist to ICU. She had a ventilator breathing for her and she had double pneumonia. It was bad. They did a scan of her abdomen and chest and found that she was eaten up with cancer. The doctor said this may have been what caused the strokes. There was nothing they could do.

She passed about 2:30 am last Tuesday, January 27. My aunt, mother, and cousin were with her.

I was in Arkansas in an ice storm, but OK with that. I knew when I came home that she didn't have long on this earth. I had grieved and made peace with that. I kept thinking I needed to get back down there, but something would pull my reins and say, "Not yet. Not now. Just wait."

Everything happens for a reason, and the spirit does guide us in ways we do not always understand right away, or ever. I think that if I had been there maybe my aunt and mother would not have been there. That would have been upsetting to my grandmother's soul, I think, to know her daughters weren't there. Even though I know she loved me and always counted on me, it hurt her when her daughters couldn't be counted on.

These are the facts and I have no problem stating them on this blog - they know that. The whole family knows that.

So, Chris said if he had to chisel our way out of the neighborhood, he would so we could leave Wednesday morning for TX. He didn't have to chisel us out, thankfully. Instead, we drove carefully. Lots of slipping and sliding went on, but I knew were being watched over so it didn't really stress me out.

We stayed with our great friends, the Waddells, down in Dayton. They are always great hosts. Things were busy while we were there getting everything in order, and we didn't get to hang out much, but when we did, it was fun and took my mind off of things.

I had Granny's funeral requests that she mailed to me about 4 1/2 years ago. We played the music she wanted, Chris conducted and gave the eulogy like she wanted, and we used the funeral home that she wanted. She got pink and blue flowers - her favorite colors. We played Elvis - Gospel Hits during her viewing :) My friend, Alma, and I sang during her services. Everything went over well. The other speakers were great. I learned several things about my grandparents and taught others what I knew. So much interesting history.

More than ever, I am happy to know who my ancestors were and how they lived their lives. What a rich inheritance I have. They were amazing people.

I don't think I shed a tear the day of the funeral. I was so happy for Granny. I missed her, deeply, and still do, but the joy overcame that. She was a widow for 35 years, and now she gets to be with her eternal companion. She isn't in pain and suffering. Her legs are strong and without polio, which she had as a teen. She is also with her parents, whom she loved. I had some intense spiritual experiences during the days I was in TX, and I know she was there watching us and loving us.

I did get a little weepy last night. A birthday card came for Roman from my other Granny. I realized no more birthday cards would come for our family from Granny Bevell, and that was sad. No more weekly phone calls. There is truly a void in my life, and that cannot be filled. A little part of me will always be empty. I know I'll get to see her again, someday, though. This isn't the end.

Patricia Ann Martin-Bevell
October 11, 1934 - January 27, 2009