Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ready for the Farm

I am so ready to move to our land and start the farm! Ready to slllllooooowwwwww doooowwwnnnn. Ready to stretch out on 33 acres and create and explore! Not that it will not be tragic when we do move away from all our friends and neighbors here, because it will be. Why can't they all move half an hour south with us??? At least we will still see them. Even if it takes some effort to commute.

India is working on gardening skills for a value project in Young Womens. She spent some time last year, but not enough for the 10 hour requirement. So, she is helping me with a garden this year, which will be tricky to tend while we live here and commute down south to our land a couple of times per week. After re-evaluating the way we eat, though, I think it is important to start growing more of our own food. Tomatos and peppers in containers isn't enough, anymore. I'm ready to move on to bigger better gardens!

We have seedlings started: spinach, beefsteak tomatos, squash, okra, basil, rosemary, garlic, mint, and lemon balm. I have corn that I haven't started just yet, and I plan to get more food seeds this weekend.

We are only growing GMO-free food - organic heirloom varieties ONLY. Americans need to reclaim food production and stop leaving it to the corporations, who are seriously creating mutant food! Who wants to eat soybeans that are resistant to Roundup so the farmers can spray the heck out of the fields with it? Or corn that makes it's own pesticide??? Soy and corn are in so many products! At least 75% of processed foods! How about food that is just nutrient deficient that you cannot save seed from and grow again? NOT ME! Or my family!!! No, thank you.

Every American should watch this film:

Food Inc.

It will totally change the way you look at food and make you really think about where it comes from and what is healthy. Especially it will make you think about what is ethical.

Buy local, eat organic!