Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Time!

I can't believe it is already summer! Where has the time gone?

Well, in our homeschool this summer, we are working on Botany. Yes, we still school through the summer as much as we can. We do this because we take breaks during other times of the year and it all balances out!

So, to update:

The list schedule I made up didn't work out well. We are going to try it again when summer is over.

In the summer, we do math and reading/language arts every day when we are home. I am also having my two older kids add botany onto that list of things to do everyday. Other stuff, like art and music, happen when they happen. We are going to continue having history lessons once per week. We are still meeting up with another family throughout the summer once per week (around trips and camps) to do history activities together. This is going to be super great in July because we'll get to the Revolutionary War time period then. How appropriate.

We have Cub Scout Camp, Boy Scout Camp, Girl's Camp, EFY, Youth Conference, and we just found out our oldest boy was nominated for All Stars in baseball. This is a busy summer for our family, but we will be squeezing in doing some homework when the kids are home. It will be a shortened version, so they'll still have plenty of time to play outside, meet up with friends, play in creeks, etc.

We are also building a house this summer. Construction has started. We will post pictures later. When we get to the finished out phase, I will immerse myself in that for a while - painting comes to mind!

The kids are helping me to do some gardening this year, so the botany lessons are fitting in nicely. Also, I'm having the kids help and observe as I make various herbal remedies this summer. They helped me and watched me work with lemon balm a few weeks ago!

My daughter has launched a new blog. She started this as a YW value project and has decided to carry on with it.


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